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Autumn Discount whilst current stock lasts.

£10 off our already Low Direct Factory Prices.
On all Jeans and Hoodies when purchased with Armour. This offer also includes Belts and Gloves, but not individual Armour, Swat Bags or the new Knee/Elbow tubes as they are already under an offer price.
The website will charge the full amount, the discount will be refunded when your order is dispatched.


Massive Hoodie and Jean Combo offer.

If you buy any Jean with armour and Hoodie with armour you get the Hoodie for just £59.

The website will charge the full amount, the discount will be refunded when your order is dispatched.


Important Information Regarding Sizing.

Please read before ordering.
To ensure you get the correct size, first time, we ask that you take a moment to measure your best fitting jeans before ordering. Lay the jeans down, do up the button and measure from side to side, to the qtr inch. Double this number and that is your true size. Then order that size. Our jeans are exact sizes eg a 34 waist is 34″. Our standard leg is 31″ and our regular/long is 33″. Please remember to allow a little extra leg length for sitting on the bike.
If you are still unsure about what size or product to order please contact Sarah and She will be happy to help.




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The website takes orders 24/7


 Loyalty Discount Scheme

As most of our sales now come from repeat customers and recommends, to give something back and say thank you, we have introduced a Loyalty scheme.The current discount is a tenner off any Jean , Jacket or Hood when purchased with memory foam armour.A fiver off any Armour set and a fiver off Gloves.

Additional 5* customer offer

To become a 5* customer all you need to do is leave us a 5* Google review. As a ‘5* Customer’ you will be entitled to nominate a friend or family member to share in these discounts – ask Sarah for details.
To claim your Loyalty Discount or ‘5* Customer offer’ please phone Sarah during normal working hours on 07956 840749 or 02393 078873
Our aim is to give you as good a service as the product, so:
We are constantly inundated, so if the mail order team have not answered you within 24 hours, this is unlikely, however, to make sure we have received your call or email, please contact the Boss (TEXT ONLY PLEASE) Ade on 07976 522078. and text “NO ANSWER”. He will sort it out immediately.
All Our Prices are inclusive of VAT Reg No:183 8927 58
No one, not even a company like ours with an armed forces supplying factory and state of the art fabrics could, or should, guarantee against injury as there are too many variables on the road. It would give people a false impression that they cannot be hurt, which is one impression a biker should never have.
Important information regarding armour.
It is very important to wear armour with these products, not just to help protect your bones but also to reduce the impact of the bone against the fabric in the key areas. The fabric is not designed to withstand impact, in the key areas, without armour.
Important information regarding our promotional videos.
The extreme videos shown with belt sanders and saws on our products are all done on Titanite (R) lined products not Aramid. The Aramid jeans are shown in the tug of war and the drag along the  road.The products are not designed for these extreme uses and so the videos are purely done for promotion and entertainment.Therefore none of these abuses are to be repeated as they are done in controlled conditions
Titanite is an incredibly strong EN13595 compliant fabric, manufactured specifically for Motorcycle clothing by our own UK fabric manufacturing facility; the same facility that manufactures technical performance fabrics for Fire Brigades, Police Forces and Military around the world.Titanite™ is based on a hybrid knitted structure exclusively designed to give the fabric exceptional integral strength yet remaining flexible, breathable, comfortable and cool next to the skin. Titanite™ comprises a specially developed blend of technical fibers, known for their inherent strength and ability to perform in very demanding applications. Titanite ™ can only be found in official Roadskin™ garments.
Para-aramid is a very Strong Fibre used by the Military and Industry for over Forty years, offering strength noted at 5 times Stronger than Steel. Our Para-aramid Fabric is made for us by the official DuPont™ factory to ensure quality andconsistency.
“DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered Trade Marks of E.I.
du Pont de Nemours and Company”.
Our Paranoid Jeans and Cargos range
” For me, these are spot on !! “
Colin Overland – Editor- Ride Magazine 2014
and Adventure Bike Magazine “Best buy”
Our Elite range
“I’m impressed by the Elite jeans”
Colin Overland – Editor- Ride Magazine 2016.