“Because You Know Your Arse Is Worth It”!

                                WHY WE REFUSE TO MAKE PART LINED JEANS.

What follows is the Armed forces supply factory Technical fabric department statement regarding part lined jeans or products.

“It would not make any difference if a 50% or 60% coverage Jean was part lined with Superman’s Cape or a Rhino`s backside, it still has 40% simple denim to hold the Jean together on impact. Denim on its own, in our experience has a high potential of ripping in that area when the Jean hits the road, leaving you with no Jeans at all or at best twisting around to the non lined area”.

This is common knowledge and common sense to many experienced Bikers but unfortunately not as well known as we would hope, so some purely sales lead company’s still sell them.

Material Construction of the 2 different fabrics we use :

Dupont(TM) Kevlar(R) or Roadskin(TM) Titanite(R).

Dupont (TM) Kevlar (R) is the original and best known Para-aramid in the world. Used and proven over 40 years by Armed forces, Fire and rescue, Police forces and Industry worldwide. It is 5 times stronger than steel (pound for pound) and we only ever use a tight knit 300 or 320 gsm as a minimum in our products.


Titanite™ is an incredibly strong EN13595 compliant fabric, manufactured specifically for Motorcycle clothing by our own UK fabric manufacturing facility; the same facility that manufactures technical performance fabrics for Fire Brigades, Police Forces and Military organisations around the world.Titanite™ is based on a hybrid knitted structure exclusively designed to give the fabric exceptional integral strength yet remaining flexible, breathable, comfortable and cool next to the skin. Titanite™ comprises a specially developed blend of technical fibres, known for their inherent strength and ability to perform in very demanding applications. Titanite™ can only be found in official Roadskin™ garments.

Ride Magazine approved and Adventure Bike Magazine “Best buy”

“I’m impressed by the Elite jeans, comfortable, protective and cool”

Colin Overland – Editor- Ride Magazine 2016.


Like all Roadskin jeans, reassuringly sturdy to wear.

They took a couple of days to wear in, but from then on felt very good: comfortable, unrestrictive, and cool enough to wear off the bike.”

Colin Overland – Editor- Ride Magazine 2016.

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Our extreme videos using belt sanders and tree saws etc are all done to show the ability of our top of the range products, our leggings for instance would not put up with the same abuse as our Titanite(R) jeans for instance, so it`s horses for courses, having said that the 50 metre slide video and tug of war is our basic Fully lined 320 gsm Paranoid jean.

You just have to choose which product is correct for your type of riding, some people feel they need a high level product because they ride like it`s rented and some don`t , the most important thing is, everything we do is fully lined .

DuPont™ and KEVLAR® are registered Trade Marks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and are used with permission.