Roadskin - Abrasion Resistant


£99 for a FULLY-LINED rain jean !!!
Are we Mad? No. just Direct, no middle men. 

Massive January Sale 

Due to high demand there is a 3 week waiting list for:
£99 Fully lined Jeans (Paranoids).
Elite Fully Lined Jean.
Elite Titanite Hoodie
Summer Gloves 
Please order now, to save disappointment.
We are the only Motorcycle brand in the world whose factory also supplies fabric
 for, The Special Forces, Armed Forces and Fire and rescue services.
 If we sold these products through shops/distributors like 99% of our competitors they would be approx 50% more expensive
 and so unaffordable for most people.
Hence why we cut out the middle men.

We try our best to fulfill your order within 2 to 4 working days in UK

4 to 7 working days in Europe …… 7 to 14 days in USA.
For Canada and rest of world please email
For General Enquiries and Mail Order please phone 07956 840749  in UK
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Titanite™ is an incredibly strong EN13595 compliant fabric, manufactured specifically for Motorcycle clothing by our own UK fabric manufacturing facility; the same facility that manufactures technical performance fabrics for Fire Brigades, Police Forces and Military around the world.Titanite™ is based on a hybrid knitted structure exclusively designed to give the fabric exceptional integral strength yet remaining flexible, breathable, comfortable and cool next to the skin. Titanite™ comprises a specially developed blend of technical fibers, known for their inherent strength and ability to perform in very demanding applications. Titanite ™ can only be found in official Roadskin™ garments.


Para-aramid is a type of abrasion – cut or heat resistant fabric used by the Military and Industry for over forty years for a reason, it usually works, you may have heard of brands such as Kevlar™ which we sometimes use if we wish but we mostly now us our own brand of Para-aramid as that way we can put more ingredients in the cake and keep the prices low.


Our Paranoid Jeans and Cargos range 

” For me, these are spot on !! “

Colin Overland – Editor- Ride Magazine 2014

and Adventure Bike Magazine “Best buy”


Our Elite range

“I’m impressed by the Elite jeans”

Colin Overland – Editor- Ride Magazine 2016.


Our Jeanius Jean and Cargo Range

” I liked them a lot “

Colin Overland – Editor- Ride Magazine 2016.


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No-one , even a company like ours with an Armed forces supplying Factory and state of the art fabrics can or should guarantee against injury as there are too many variables on the road but mostly as it would give people a false impression that they cannot be hurt,
 which is one impression a biker should never have.
The extreme videos shown with belt sanders and saws on our products are all done on Titanite (R) lined products not Aramid. The Aramid jeans are shown in the tug of war and the drag along the  road.The products are not designed for these extreme uses and so the videos are purely
done for promotion and entertainment.Therefore none of these abuses are to be repeated
 as they are done in controlled conditions.