Terms and Conditions

We have a caring, customer conscious, approach to trading, dedicated to your total satisfaction. Our aim is to serve you well and hopefully you will then tell others. We recognise that you may be sceptical about ordering over the internet, with regards to sizing but we do have a very accurate system in place to reduce the risk of wrong sizing,on our info and sizing button, if you  would like any further technical info, please call our helpline on 01892 457373. We are always happy to hear from you.

We are the only British company in the world that we know of that makes Motorcycle clothing while in turn having a factory that makes products for the armed forces, fire and rescue, police forces and industry. This enables us to not only utilise the most advanced fabric producing machinery that only an advanced armed forces supply factory could afford but also it enables us to utilise the people in our factory and join the expertise of some of the most experienced technical fabric engineers on the planet with experienced Motorcyclists and designers to develop and design the most advanced fabrics and products for Motorcycling.

It also means that by supplying our products direct from the factory, you get a very good fully lined coverage product at the price of most 50 or 60% coverage products.

Making a purchase could not be easier. Just browse our Catalogue and click on any items that you wish to buy and put them into the shopping cart.   After you have finished your selection, click on “Order” and you will be asked  for a few details that we need to be able to satisfy the order.

or Phone 01892 457373

The paypal payment system accepts cards and you don`t have to have a paypal account, it takes cards like a normal terminal.

If you are shopping from North America, Europe –  or anywhere else,   place your order and your credit card company will convert the transaction to US   Dollars or your own currency. We accept  Visa and Mastercard. We do not charge for any item until it is ready to ship.  Back ordered items are not charged until they are shipped. You may send your  credit card information via phone, fax, snail mail or over the Internet.

All credit card numbers are encrypted in the software when  the order is placed using 128 bit encryption. They are only decrypted after they reach our computer. They are not held in clear text on any web site. Rest assured that your information is in safe hands.

Roadskin do not disclose buyers’ information to third parties.   Cookies are used on this shopping site to keep track of the contents of your   shopping cart once you have selected an item, to store delivery addresses if the address book is used and to store your details if you select the ‘Remember Me’ Option.


We recommend that you take a pair of fashion jeans you are comfortable in, COMPLETELY IGNORE WHAT THE LABEL SAYS, fasten the top button, lay them on a flat surface and measure the waistband from side to side without pulling too tight or stretching the material, this measurement, doubled, should be your waist size. You should do this with every millimetre or eight of an inch taken into consideration. We can then find you an exact or nearly exact copy. This is the only way and is an excellent way to get your avatar and save returns.

We have the actual sizes along size the label sizes of each garment on the website but if you are unsure please email info@roadskin.co.uk with for measurement findings before you order.



Our Mainland UK Delivery:
Due to the high demand we are working on a 7 day max fulfilment policy but will try our best to get everything out to you within 2 to 3 days. Waiting lists: The only exception to this is when we announce a waiting list, on the front page for certain products and then we run by the waiting list time given, again we will try our best to reduce this waiting time. We have doubled our machines and garment production to meet demand and we thank our customers for their patience. info@roadskin.co.uk

All postage prices are inclusive of VAT.



To encourage overseas orders, we are keeping the prices and postage the same as if you were in the UK. 

We try to use the quickest and recorded postage system possible to your country and take overseas orders as seriously as UK orders.

If you order the wrong size you will be liable for all return postage but if you measure your current jeans correctly as per instructions this should not happen.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return it within 14 days, in its original packaging for a full refund (minus the postage cost) or exchange providing the product has not been worn or used.

On the rare occasion that we are unable to satisfy your requirements or the goods sent are not suitable, please send the item back via economic recorded postage making sure you enclose a note stating what you’d like us to do. Providing we receive them back in good unused condition with all labels etc still intact within 14 working days of you receiving them, the full purchase price of the item (less the postage costs)  will be credited to your account.

The water resistant solution has been added free of charge to certain products as an extra addition and its reliability and longevity is entirely up to the customer and how they maintain the product so in no way is it guaranteed or a subject for any returns what so ever. The products need to be washed cold, if not , the cotton or denim outer will deteriorate and the cotton or denim seams will give way as hot washing breaks down the integrity of cotton but it will also strip the product of any water resistant solution it has left in the fabric.

Every time you wash the product ,cold , you need to add water resistant spray restoring solution such as Fabsil for clothing or camp shop recommended spray for clothes or in- wash solution needs to be added every time you wash the garment, or it will not resist rain for long.

We only recommend Fabsil universal spray.


WEAR & TEAR: Obviously, we do not, under any circumstance, guarantee against wear and tear.

It is very important to realise that although our fabrics are of a very high standard they are not made from a magical fabric, our products are not indestructible, impervious or impregnable, if used a lot, like any fabric it can wear out and be damaged.

If your item is not in stock, we will back order for you. You will  always be emailed with the option to cancel your order if you would rather not wait.

We guarantee your satisfaction. All of our products come with a 14 day no quibble guarantee, we do not in any way ,shape or form guarantee against injury, as no garment should or can guarantee against injury.

If you need to reach us, please email us on info@roadskin.co.uk, alternatively, you can call on  01892 457373 (International +44 phone without first zero)

Our extreme videos are for entertainment and a bit of tongue in cheek fun. They are carried out in a controlled environment and by staff that know the exact abilities and tolerances of the fabric .They are not to be tried at home under any circumstances and are purely for entertainment and to catch attention and in no way are to be taken seriously, only a full ce should be taken seriously.

The Extreme Video Jeans exhibits are only ever done on the higher abrasion resistant  AAA products and not on our AA products. 

Our video advertisements must be seen as fun promotional videos and not seen as serious claims of ability and not seen as our endorsement for our products to be used or abused by any machinery or tools or weapons in any way shape of form as they are not designed for this use.


Important to read before purchase:

Whilst Roadskin endeavour to manufacture it’s products to the quality of attire expected in it’s class – no such clothing can guarantee the user protection against any injury ,foreseeable or otherwise.

As Motorcycle riders can be injured or die in the best race suits and helmets we believe that even if we could guarantee protection against injury (which is impossible as there are too many variants on the road) it would give the rider a false sense of security and may encourage the rider to take risks they may not have otherwise taken.

So we do not in anyway shape or form guarantee against injury in our products foreseeable or otherwise and if you are not happy with this fact ,you need to return the product within 14 days unused.

Ordering from this website is acceptance of our terms and also keeping our product and or using it is also a further acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

Purchasing from events is also an acceptance of these terms as all products come with the terms on an A4 sheet.

Our video advertisements must be seen as fun promotional videos and not seen as serious claims of ability and not seen as our endorsement to be used or abused by any machinery or tools or weapons in any way shape of form as they are not designed for this use.

As such Roadskin shall not be liable for  (included but not Ltd to ) any injury, loss or damage whatsoever arising either directly, indirectly or consequential to the use of its products , or any use outside it’s promoted purpose.

Given individual body types and sizes,it is the responsibility of the individual user to ensure that the protective lining covers the designated areas of the body as advertised.

It is the responsibility of the user to make sure the products are sufficient for use whatever that may be.

It is also the responsibility of the user to use the garment as advised, ie if we say the product is for easyriding or called Easyrider or  not fast riding they should adhere to this advice and any mention of faster riding products is not a guarantee of any kind ,it is purely and indication to the customer of a higher abrasion resistant ability of the material in the garment compared to our casual riding products.

The EN17092 ce is independent proof of the impact and abrasion ability of our ce products but in no way is it a claim to assure absolute protection as no garment can guarantee absolute safety or protection against injury.

Sensible riding can guarantee it more than anything, our products are a back up.

We do not and will not in any way shape or form guarantee protection from injury and or damage to a customer’s body when wearing any of our products, we make no claims with regards to physical protection or any type of protection whatsoever. The CE products show an independence assessment of the ability of our products but they do not guarantee protection as life and the road is too unpredictable to give any assurances or guarantees.

If you require absolute assurance and or a guarantee of protection, please do not purchase our products as we will not guarantee against injury.

Any parts of a product or accessories bought in and not manufactured/made by us are purchased and checked, in all good faith but as we cannot in all good faith guarantee the integrity of another company or supplier we will not be held liable for any incorrect information given to us on that product and  therefore forwarded to the customer or any misselling of that product to us by a third party or supplier.