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Sizing Information

Waist Measurements.
We at Roadskin are well aware of how difficult it can be to get the right size, first time when ordering clothes on the internet. Here, we have put together some tips on how to make ordering our products easier. Hopefully we get it right first time but it is not an exact science so occasionally an exchange may be needed.
Firstly, it is important to have an accurate waist measurement. Many brands have differing sizing policies which can be misleading. The best way to get an accurate sizing is to take a pair of good fitting non stretch jeans or work trousers and measure them. Lay them down flat, do up the button and measure the waist band from side to side (to the qtr inch). Double this number and you have an accurate waist measurement.
Once you have your accurate waist measurement the following applies to our jeans.
If you are 34″ or below, go for your exact size. If you fall between sizes go for the smaller size.
If you are 36″ or above go, for your exact size. If you fall between sizes go for the larger size.
There is no Lycra in our jeans so they are not stretchy, however, they will relax with wearing. Whilst we want your jeans to be a snug fit they must be comfortable whilst sitting down on the bike. Please don’t be tempted to bump up a size to make room for the armour, this has already been accounted for in the cut and sizing on the jeans.
For our Ladies Jeans we have used the following sizing –
8 = 28″
10 = 30″
12 = 32″
14 – 34″
Leg Lengths
We offer 2 leg lengths in all our jeans –
‘Standard’ = 30″
‘Regular’ = 32″
We have recently added a longer length ‘Long’ = 34″ to our Easyrider Jean and hope to add longer lengths in our other ranges soon.
When ordering the leg length please remember to take into account how high your knees are on the bike. Whilst the jeans may be the perfect length when standing, most people will ‘hitch’ up their jeans before getting on the bike, then they may find the jeans too short. If in doubt go for a longer length, you can always get them taken up if they are a little too long.
If you are still unsure about what size to order please feel free to call Sarah on 07956 840749 and She will happily answer any queries you have.