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Product Sizing Guides & Information
To ensure you get the correct size, first time, we ask that you take a moment to measure your best fitting jeans before ordering. Lay the jeans down, do up the button and measure from side to side, to the qtr inch. Double this number and that is your true size. Then order that size. Our jeans are exact sizes eg a 34 waist is 34″.
If you are still unsure about what size or product to order please contact Sarah on 07956 840749 and She will be happy to help.
Sizing of our leg lengths
There is no need to add inches to the leg length for the bike any more, we have accommodated for this, so they come up long not short. To get your leg length correct measure your favourite jean from crutch to bottom of leg inc every quarter inch.
People with a measured leg of 29 to 31 max should order our standard leg
People with a measured leg of 31 1/4  to 33 max should order our regular/long leg
If you are a 28 or so leg , the Paranoid and Easyrider range can easily be turned up.
Wearing in our Jeans to fit perfectly
It is always best with any of our jeans to get a snug fit to start, as you would a fashion pair and then allow the denim and lining to slowly mold around the armour rather than allow for it from the beginning. This way when the jean is stretched and settled they look great on, rather than a bag of potatoes.
Finally please take into consideration if you have ordered an Elite jean that Titanite(R) is an incredibly strong material and does take some wearing in, rather like a strong leather except it is cooler, lighter and breathable. The best way to loosen up around the tight parts is by wearing around the house, crouching and sitting.
Our Paranoid and Easyrider ranges take virtually no time to wear in, and whilst very tough are not quite as tough as Titanite.
Important information regarding armour.
It is very important to wear armour with these products, not just to help protect your bones but also to reduce the impact of the bone against the fabric in the key areas. The fabric is not designed to withstand impact, in the key areas, without armour.
Important information regarding our promotional videos.
The extreme videos shown with belt sanders and saws on our products are all done on Titanite (R) lined products not Aramid. The Aramid jeans are shown in the tug of war and the drag along the  road. The products are not designed for these extreme uses and so the videos are purely done for promotion and entertainment.Therefore none of these abuses are to be repeated as they are done in controlled conditions
Our associate fabric and product factories supply the armed forces around the world.
Roadskin is a British Motorcycle clothing brand owned by Paranoid Clothing company Ltd, whose associate factories supply the Armed forces, Special forces, Fire and rescue services and Industry world-wide with Abrasion resistant fabrics and products, so utilizing their state of the art machinery and some of the most knowledgeable and innovative minds in the industry today for it’s Motorcycle products.
We use two different fabrics to line our jeans and products, one is a para-aramid fabric and the other is made from a completely different fibre. The para-aramid fabric we use is Du Pont™ Kevlar® and the other fabrics we use are called Roadskin(R) PRO and Titanite(R).
“DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered Trade Marks of E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company”.
Titanite™ is an incredibly strong EN13595 compliant fabric, manufactured specifically for Motorcycle clothing by our own UK fabric manufacturing facility; the same facility that manufactures technical performance fabrics for Fire Brigades, Police Forces and Military organisations around the world. Titanite™ is based on a hybrid knitted structure exclusively designed to give the fabric exceptional integral strength yet remaining flexible, breathable, comfortable and cool next to the skin. Titanite™comprises a specially developed blend of technical fibres, known for their inherent strength and ability to perform in very demanding applications
Titanite™ can only be found in official Roadskin™garments.
Part Lined Jean Statement
Due to results from our own tests to simulate Motorway use, where the strength of the whole trouser holding together was tested rather than certain individual patches we are no longer producing purely part-lined Jeans.
We only make Fully lined Jeans and fully reinforced jeans , Fully lined means that the abrasion resistance lining is applied inside the Denim and fully reinforced means that the abrasion resistant fibre is cleverly woven to the inside of the denim fabric and so making a single skin for a  lighter cooler feel.
Reason for not using part lined only Jeans.
All Part lined jeans tested, from the most expensive to the cheapest, all pulled apart at the denim only part, which proved to us that the old theory that you are only as strong as your weakest link is true. In our opinion, based on our tests, even if the patches were made from English Oak it does not help if the Jean potentially rips apart on impact and be half way down the road with your back side bare to the road.
This is the personal opinion of some of the most experienced personal protection experts and also technical fabric engineers around the world. However sales and marketing companies selling part lined Jeans don`t agree.
Although it is very important to point out that there is never any guarantee of a product holding together or ever guaranteeing a person’s safety or any protection from any injury, but at least we can try and make sure as best we can  by not selling unreinforced patches.
Tips on How to Maintain the Water Resistance
A water resistant membrane has been added to certain products on the inside of the denim or fabric.
It is important to point out that the membrane is sewn through to make the garment and so needs to be maintained by the customer.
Every time the garment is washed or gets wet it must be sprayed with Fabsil Universal to back the membrane up and stop water getting in through the stitching. So the water resistance is subject to customer maintenance and not the responsibility of Roadskin.
The products always need to be washed cold, 20 degrees,  if not , the cotton or denim outer will deteriorate over time and the cotton or denim seams will give way as hot washing breaks down the integrity of cotton (that`s why jeans often get strands on the legs as people are not told this) and then the lining may pull away.
If you expose the aramid to direct sunlight on the line the UV can break aramid down, so drip dry only and don`t turn the Jeans inside out.
Clearly the Para-aramid and other anti-abrasion fabrics used in our products are designed to be cut by scissors and or heavy pressure from a knife so they can be made into garments whilst still giving a good degree of impact and abrasion resistance.
Scissors and heavy hand pressured Stanley knives have an extreme pounds per square inch, far above that in which one would normally encounter in an accident ,hence these implements can even cut through EN13595 cloth to make garments.
The videos on our products are purely intended to show some degree of abrasion or tear resistance. Our products are NOT designed to be stab proof or bullet proof. Our products are not indestructible, impervious or impregnable.
If you are looking for some assurance of abrasion ability (although they will have no guarantee of protection) you need to look for products with an EN13595 pass as per our Beast and Titanite(R) products. But even an EN13595 pass is not a 100% guarantee of no injury or definite protection as there are too many variables in life and on the road to guarantee anything but that we will do our best.
If a product is stated clearly to have a FULL CE approval
it is sold as Motorcycle Protective wear.
If a product does NOT state a FULL CE approval and only
material test passes then it is sold as Durable Leisurewear.
NOT as Motorcycle protection wear.
We do not and will not in any way shape or form guarantee protection from injury and or damage to a customer’s body when wearing our products, we make no claims with regards to physical protection or any type of protection what so ever. The CE pren17092 passed products and En13595 material passed products show an independent assessment of the ability of our products but they do not guarantee protection as life and the road is too unpredictable to give any assurances or guarantees.
If you require absolute assurance and or a guarantee of protection, do not purchase our products.
No product can guarantee protection against injury and doing so gives a false sense of security that is the last thing a Bikers needs.
We just make the best products we can.