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Roadskin® Easyrider Glove

Roadskin® Easyrider Glove


Roadskin® Easyrider Glove
An excellent high quality, durable and flexible glove intended for fair weather but often used all year round due to its strong structure. Made from Maximite®, quality Cow Leather and Aramid.
Used by Liverpool Police Bikers at work and personally.
Review from Policeman P Cumberlidge Merseyside:
" Worn daily since covering approx 36000 miles" !!
"The gloves have held together well and feel like a comfy pair of slippers". 
"The gloves are ideal as I am able to change radio channels on the move".
The Materials used in this glove have passed the physical tests for CE level 1.
Until a product is awarded the CE Certificate it has to be sold as Leisurewear.
It is not sold as Protective wear, hence the low price for such a quality glove.


(If this glove was sold in a retail shop with a full CE it would be approx £89 )
during Black Friday season

Easyrider Tactical Glove

If it’s right why change it?.

This glove was designed as a Super tough, Lightweight, Tactical glove for Swat teams, Special Forces and Police riot squads. The soft leather cowhide palm and fingers has a very reassuring tactile grip. We kept the thick Military grade Aramid abrasion and cut resistant palm pad and everything else that makes this super tough, super light, super malleable glove the most versatile glove for so many different uses.
Most of these gloves are now sold through recommends from customers.
We don’t know of anyone that has purchased these gloves that do not, love them, especially now we have changed the palm to real leather.
Material ingredients:
Cow hide Leather
Important Information Regarding CE Testing.
If a product is stated clearly to have a FULL CE approval it is sold as Motorcycle Protective wear. If a product does NOT state a FULL CE approval and only material test passes then it is sold as Durable Leisurewear, NOT as Motorcycle protection wear.
Although Roadskin always self regulated, most companies making bike jeans did not ie selling part lined jeans to fast bike owners etc, so due to this, European legislation has been enforced ie: all motorcycle clothing is being changed from leisurewear to protective wear by way of a new CE test pren17092. We are busy putting our products through this CE process, but until each product is proclaimed by us as fully CE approved it will continue to be be sold as leisurewear with no protection claims. When each one passes they will then be sold as protection wear, albeit at a higher price to pay for the CE.
No product can honestly guarantee against injury, we should and would never guarantee against injury even with these great products that we believe wholeheartedly in, as it could give a false sense of security to the rider.
All we can do is make the best products we can.
If a customer is expecting a guarantee or assurance of no harm or injury to themselves or anyone they must simply not purchase our goods.
Saying that we are the only company we know of, that makes clear what each product is exactly designed for and the only company that has made the stance against financial gain to NOT sell PART LINED non fully reinforced products.
Which must show people that we are not a typical company that looks to profit first, we are a company that is genuine and cares about our fellow bikers.
Due to the recent European legislation put upon us before we leave the EU: We have to get all products passed EN CE for them to be sold as Motorcycle clothing rather than leisurewear.
If any Motorcycle clothing sold has no FULL CE it is NOT protection wear, whatever they say to you.  So this product is currently being tested to the current CE requirements.

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  1. I brought these a while ago… It’s been show Ng and raining since, but the few times I’ve worn them.. I’ve found them very comfortable, and I can even take my keys out my pocket and use my wallet without taking them off 🙂 plenty of armour and all the good stuff so I’d recommend for the warmer weather… Whenever that may be

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