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Paranoid® Elbow Tube

Paranoid® Elbow Tube


Paranoid® Elbow Tube

Elbow Tubes - £19.95

Elbow Tubes + Armour - £29.95

This Innovative new Leisurewear product enables people to
1. Wear elbow protection in garments that have no armour pockets.
2. Wear elbow protection comfortably all day, without painful straps.
3. Take their elbow protection off and on without having to take their top off.
This product will fit most arms as the material is quite stretchy.

Paranoid® Elbow Tube

The Special Lycra mix material used in these Elbow tubes is of the very highest quality and specially selected over 2 years of research to give the best mix of comfort for your arm , and support for the armour/pad.
They have been designed with a simple pillowcase style design of pocket so there is no velcro and have been hand machined by UK seamstresses to the highest possible level of British workmanship.
“They really are a very comfortable and a very useful piece of kit”.
Great uses of the product from market research:
A, Builders, Roofers, Carpet fitters, Carpenters: prefer them as they have no straps.
B, Road Cyclists, Mountain Bikers, BMX and Skateboarders:  Love them.
C, Gardeners and DIYers: think the ce memory foam armour combined with the comfy tubes make it an excellent alternative to the hard pads with straps they are used to.
With regards to Motorcycling use: As there is no specific CE test for a new invention like this,the only part of the Kit that is sold as a Motorcycle product is the CE armour, the tubes themselves are strictly sold as Generic Leisure underwear and of course hold no claims of protection.
The Armour / Pads in the Kit:
This armour is extremely light and super soft when it warms to the body but has a very high Impact resistance protection, it is made from high tech “State of the Art “Impact Memory foam and has been passed at the highest level of CE for Motorcycle use, to give you some idea of its ability.

As quality Lycra Mix Underwear they were designed to be worn on the inside of the top or on a naked arm by Cyclists, but some people wear them on the outside. They will obviously last a lot longer if used on the inside when used for hard manual work, but of course, how they are used is up to the customer, as long as it is understood that they are sold as underwear.
It is entirely the responsibility of the wearer to ensure the product is in place and fit for purpose. We do not except any responsibility for any injury incurred whilst using this product. The armour is a CE rated protection product but the tube is purely sold as underwear leisure wear with no protection claims what so ever.
If a product is stated clearly to have a FULL CE approval it is sold as Motorcycle Protective wear. If a product does NOT state a FULL CE approval and only material test passes then it is sold as Durable Leisurewear, NOT as Motorcycle protection wear.

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