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Old Faithful Belt

Old Faithful Belt


Old Faithful Belt

'All good jeans need a good belt'


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Normal Direct price £49
Old Faithful 'Proper' Belt
3.5mm Full Grain English Leather.
Solid Brass Chromed Buckle.
Hand Crafted in England.
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Old Faithful Belt

The first product from our new “Old Faithful” ​range.
This new range is designed to bring back the ” They just don`t make them like they used to” products.
There is no point in a good pair of Motorcycle Jeans without a good belt to Keep them up.
This Belt is very likely the same as your Dad or Grandad would have used, back in the day of PROPER Belts, it is the same belt as you would see Soldiers or workmen and farmworkers relying on, many years ago.
This Belt is made from Full Grain English Leather, from a proper English Tannery by an English Belt Craftsman that has been hand making Belts for over 40 years and the Buckle is forged from solid brass and chromed by an English Horse Harness Buckle making company.
A lot of belts these days are made from bits of leather glued together and cheap varnished buckles, made in underpaid sweatshops overseas, all looking good, for a few weeks.
This Belt could be sold for over £100 in London and it would be hard to find a similar strength and quality like this for less than £80.
Giving you English Leather Strength and durability, backed up by a Solid Brass Buckle similar to those used on Horse Harnesses and all hand crafted by an English Craftsman.
Med – 30″ – 32″ waist.
Lge – 34″ – 36″ waist.
XL – 38″ – 40″ waist.
XXL – 42″ – 44″ waist.

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Med, Lge, XL, XXL


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