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Elite Fully Lined Jean

Elite Fully Lined Jean


Elite Jeans

Fully Lined EN13595 passed material

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including 'State of the Art' memory foam hip and knee armour kit.
A very high quality, hard wearing jean. fully lined with "Cool Feel" pro race suit test passed material. That's EN13595 passed material from the waist band to the bottom of the legs and all the way around the legs. No cheats, no gaps. FULL for maximum strength.
Please note - These jeans are made from incredible abrasion resistant material so will require breaking in. We recommend wearing them off the bike for several days to allow the jean to relax and mould to your shape.

Elite Jean

We can sell them at lower, part lined jean prices because you are not paying for a retailer or a distributor, hence the wholesale-like prices.
Ideal for the biker that wants a casual looking bike jean, with the assurance of a high level abrasion resistant lining. The lining not only has an incredibly high abrasion resistance it also has an incredibly high wear and wash durability when maintained correctly, so ideal for frequent users such as couriers.
Although Titanite is soft and smooth to the skin, it is an extremely strong, race suit level test pass fabric and so when new, this product will take some wearing in, rather like a race suit bottom but much cooler, lighter and breathable.
So initially they may feel tight around the legs or hips, but after a short while of breaking in they will be the best Bike jeans you have ever owned as they have an air of confidence about them that is only ever achieved by genuine quality and strength.
Another added feature of the full lining is it’s ability to greatly reduce wind from speed whilst still allowing a breathable air flow.
Please bare in mind that no garment can guarantee against injury, but you can at least , reduce the chances by having products like this in your life.
Material Ingredients:
Outer Material:
13 to 14 oz , good strong cotton denim
Water Resistance and treatment.
This product has a waterproof membrane attached to the inside of the outer material. This is to back up the recommended spraying of Fabsil on the outside of the garment and seams. The waterproof membrane is of course sewn through when producing the garment so the seams need to be treated after a wash or heavy rain with Fabsil spray or equivalent. We recommend Fabsil, as in our own tests it works FAR better than any other product. As the water resistance of the product is subject to maintenance by the user these garments are sold as water resistant and not water proof. Saying that, these products are sold virtually everyday from recommendations of people happy with their ability in the rain, when maintained properly.
Important Information Regarding Armour.
It is very important to wear armour with these products, not just to help protect your bones but also to reduce the impact of the bone against the fabric in the key areas. The fabric is not designed to withstand impact, in the key areas, without armour.
Important Information Regarding CE Testing.
If a product is stated clearly to have a FULL CE approval it is sold as Motorcycle Protective wear. If a product does NOT state a FULL CE approval and only material test passes then it is sold as Durable Leisurewear, NOT as Motorcycle protection wear.
Although Roadskin always self regulated, most companies making bike jeans did not ie selling part lined jeans to fast bike owners etc, so due to this, European legislation has been enforced ie: all motorcycle clothing is being changed from leisurewear to protective wear by way of a new CE test pren17092. We are busy putting our products through this CE process, but until each product is proclaimed by us as fully CE approved it will continue to be be sold as leisurewear with no protection claims. When each one passes they will then be sold as protection wear, albeit at a higher price to pay for the CE.
No product can honestly guarantee against injury, we should and would never guarantee against injury even with these great products that we believe wholeheartedly in, as it could give a false sense of security to the rider.
All we can do is make the best products we can.
If a customer is expecting a guarantee or assurance of no harm or injury to themselves or anyone they must simply not purchase our goods.
Saying that we are the only company we know of, that makes clear what each product is exactly designed for and the only company that has made the stance against financial gain to NOT sell PART LINED non fully reinforced products.
Which must show people that we are not a typical company that looks to profit first, we are a company that is genuine and cares about our fellow bikers.

Additional Information

Jeans Size

30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40

Leg Length

Regular/Long, Short


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