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Classic Jacket

Classic Jacket


Classic Jacket


Not to be mistaken for a wax jacket or Leather jacket.
A classic, stylish jacket made from from race suit test passed material Titanite(R).
If this Jacket was sold in a shop, it would be going towards £399 to £499, especially when seen in the flesh.
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Classic Jacket

How many times have you fancied this classic style jacket tried in many but thought “I can’t use a wax jacket on the motorway at some of the speeds I do”?.
Well, what if we made a classic look like this, but made it from race suit test passed material Titanite (R)?.
What if we gave it a waterproof lining and sunken pockets so they are aerodynamic and put a zip under the flaps as well?.
What if we gave it an extra thermal lining for the winter that is removable for summer, and also pockets for Back, Elbow and Shoulder Memory foam armour, Level 2?.
If this Jacket was sold in a shop, it would be going towards £399 to £499, especially when seen in the flesh.
Even the belt is Titanite(R).
Water Resistance and treatment.
This product has a waterproof lining attached to the inside of the denim. This is to back up the recommended spraying of Fabsil on the outside of the garment and seams. The waterproof lining is of course sewn through to produce the garment so the seams need to be treated after a wash or heavy rain with Fabsil spray or equivalent. We recommend Fabsil, as in our own tests it works FAR better than any other product. As the water resistance of the product is subject to maintenance by the user these garments are sold as water resistant and not water proof.Saying that, these products are sold virtually everyday from recommendations of people happy with their ability in the rain, when maintained properly.
Important Information Regarding Armour.
It is very important to wear armour with these products, not just to help protect your bones but also to reduce the impact of the bone against the fabric in the key areas. The fabric is not designed to withstand impact, in the key areas, without armour.

Additional Information

Jacket sizes

S, M, L, XL, XXL

Impact Armour

I Have Armour, Impact Memory Foam Armour


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