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‘NEW’ Beast Glove

‘NEW’ Beast Glove


'NEW' Roadskin Beast Glove


3 Super Strong Materials combined in the right way to make one incredible glove
Special Launch price  £49
Outer Material - Maximite (TM)
Full Inner Lining - Hipora Waterproof lining
Full Inner Lining - DuPont(TM) Kevlar (R)
Palm Material - Quality Leather
Armour - Knuckles and Palm Slider
For those that loved our previous Cruiser Glove, the Beast Glove is basically a new improved version.
We have upgraded the Cruiser Glove by changing the polyester/ nylon upper part to a much stronger Maximite ® we have added another layer of leather to the bottom palm and also added a palm slider.
The comfortable design and Full Aramid lining stays the same with a new improved waterproof lining.
This product has a waterproof lining. This is to back up the recommended spraying of Fabsil on the outside of the garment and seams. The waterproof lining is of course sewn through to produce the garment so the seams need to be treated after a wash or heavy rain with Fabsil spray or equivalent.
The Beast glove is currently being tested to CE EN13594:2018. Passing this test will mean this product can be sold as motorcycle protective wear, until such time due to enforced European law it has to be sold as Motorcycle Leisurewear.
The EN test costs a lot of money so when it has passed the cost will have to be put in the price, so, unfortunately, they will be more expensive when it passes.
What is Maximite ®
Maximite is our newest “State of the Art” Fabric.
Following on from our previous “State of the art” fabric of 2015 called Titanite® that when tested with Denim for our Elite jeans passed the race suit test standard and when thickened and used with denim for our Maximus Jeans passed a world record 15.05 seconds which is twice that of most of our competitors and 50% higher than the next best.
Titanite ® when tested as a single skin passed a higher standard than denim and Kevlar® to give you some idea.
Under our own tests Maximite® is approximately the same strength and abrasion resistance whilst being smoother to feel and less shiny in appearance to enable us to use it on the outside rather than mostly as a liner.
This then enables us to use it as a single skin fabric for single skin products such as the new Lightweight Hoodie and Jacket for normal casual riding.
It also enables us to use it for our new Beast Gloves.
Our aim with Maximite® is to produce lighter weight realistic products that are not necessarily record-breaking and therefore heavy as we have in the past but are comfortable, wearable and realistic to the needs of normal domestic Motorcycle riding.
So, more than strong enough but light enough still to be used comfortably on a daily basis all year round.
A single skin product with a waterproof membrane can have layers like Jumpers etc added in cold weather but then used without extra layers in Summer, so, therefore, giving a feasible all year round product for easy-riding, and so this is the main emphasis of the Maximite® single skin range.
Maximite ® is currently in the process of being independently tested for a CE standard of abrasion resistance.
If a product is stated clearly to have a FULL CE approval it is sold as Motorcycle Protective wear. If a product does NOT state a FULL CE approval and only material test passes then it is sold as Durable Leisurewear, NOT as Motorcycle protection wear.

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