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Impact Memory Foam Shoulder & Elbow Armour

Level 2 armour is the level you would find used by the top racers on the track, but these are not hard, heavy or uncomfortable.



Normally £20 

“Because your bones are as important as your skin”.

Level 2 Impact Memory Foam Armour

Roadskin leads the way in space age fabric technology, at down to earth prices. Combined with our new “state of the art” advanced CE Level 2 (EN1621) high impact memory foam they really are the most comfortable, durable, affordable products around.
 Light as a feather, soft as marzipan, highest impact resistance.
And not at a stupid price.!!
This set comprises of 2 Shoulders and 2 Elbows
If a product is stated clearly to have a FULL CE approval it is sold as Motorcycle Protective wear. If a product does NOT state a FULL CE approval and only material test passes then it is sold as Durable Leisurewear, NOT as Motorcycle protection wear.