This product has now passed EN13594: Level 1 KP so it is now an official PPE Motorcycle glove.

An excellent high quality, durable and flexible glove intended for fair weather but often used all year round due to its strong structure. Made from Maximite®, quality Cow Leather and Aramid.
Used by Merseyside Police Bikers at work and personally.
Review from Policeman P Cumberlidge :
” Worn daily since covering approx 36000 miles” !!
“The gloves have held together well and feel like a comfy pair of slippers”. 
“The gloves are ideal as I am able to change radio channels on the move”.

Prior to Covid the planned 2020 Price was approx £59

 Special double discount price


(If this glove was sold in a retail shop it would be approx £89  )

Started as a Special forces glove and evolved to a Motorcycle Glove.

This glove was designed as a Super tough, Lightweight, Tactical glove for Swat teams, Special Forces and Police riot squads. The soft leather cowhide palm and fingers has a very reassuring tactile grip. We kept the thick Military grade Aramid abrasion and cut resistant palm pad and everything else that makes this super tough, super light, super malleable glove the most versatile glove for so many different uses, we added more strong and soft cowhide and also changed the fabric parts for our super strong Maximite.
The Merseyside Motorcycle  police buy them personally for their work.
Material ingredients:
Cow hide Leather
Important Information Regarding CE Testing.
This product has now passed EN13594: Level 1 KP so it is now an official PPE Motorcycle glove.

Most gloves being sold on the market have not achieved this full CE and so have not proved themselves to be able to do what they are being sold for.

No product can wholly guarantee against injury, but to have this pass and certificate  by the independent and official UK test lab is at least some assurance that it has an extremely good chance of doing what it says on the tin