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Paranoid Jeans High-speed Crash Review from Customer 
November 2018 Motorcycle Live show NEC.
I can highly recommend Roadskin Paranoid Jeans as I was wearing them when traveling on the motorway when I was involved in an accident at high speed and was barrelled down the motorway.
” Where they saved my Life”
and came away with far less injuries than if I had not had them.
Richard H (Lanchashire).
Richard was told by medical staff that our
fully lined  Jeans probably saved his life.
Hi Ade
I just thought I would drop you a line regarding my Road Skin Hoodie
I decided I would wait a while before writing a review so I could give it a fair trial
This is a fantastic piece of kit
Initially I started wearing it under my lightweight Triumph Jacket
But now I just wear it
It lives on the banisters
It gets worn for everything
On the commute to work, Shopping at Tescos or just down the pub
Since receiving it. I haven’t worn either my Textile or Leather jacket because this hoodie
does it all.
I was concerned that the hood may catch the wind ‘but it doesn’t, the toggles flap
 about a bit  but you just tuck them in and zip up
Having 1 zip and 1 non  zipped pocket is a genius idea I can put house keys
secure in the zip and my girl friend tucks her hand in the non zipped pocket.
The weight of the jacket is a re-assurance of the quality of the materials used.
The armour fits perfectly, in both my textile & leather the armour moves around
and you have to keep adjusting it
Another excellent product I should have bought one years ago
Chris Bussey
I bought a pair of jeans from this company for my bike trip last summer sadly I was involved in a rta at 70mph my bike was written off I’m ok now however thanks to the jeans I had a simple scratch on my leg that’s all the jeans pockets were ripped off etc and all I got was a scratch on my leg I’ll definitely be buying more jeans from road skin just want to say great job guys and the Kevlar is up to standard.
Ilyas Khan
Just a little thanks really, was out the other day having a blast on the bike when I ended up in a head on with a car that came round a bend too quick. Whilst I managed to scrub a fair bit of speed off I still ended up being catapulted in the air, bouncing off a hedge row, proceeding to get wedged unconscious between the car and embankment after hitting  it’s roof. I some how managed to walk out of hospital the following day with no life changing injuries, with thanks to the Roadskin Jeans.
The ambulance, police and hospital staff all commented how hard they where to cut through and the fact they (with your armour) with out a doubt saved my legs from being cut to shreds.
Dave Jones