Roadskin - Abrasion Resistant

Roadskin Under Legging

Roadskin Under Legging


Now available !!! Hurrah !!!
(New improved) Full Para-aramid Unisex under leggings 
with pockets for Knee and Hip armour.
Aramid fabric made in our UK Armed Forces supply factory
Brand of Aramid used: Dupont (TM) Kevlar(R)
Product made in our UK jean factory.
Bringing manufacturing and jobs back to Great Britain.
Normal price £129 
You pay Show Price £99
includes Rubber armour.
you can upgrade to the  advanced super soft Thigh and Knee
EN1621 level 2 Memory foam Impact armour for £20
If you upgrade to the soft memory foam armour
it enables you to wear tighter fitting outer garments.
Waist sizes available are: 
1. Small - 28 inch  to 32 inch
2. Medium / Large  - 32 inch  to 36 inch
3. XL / XXL - 36 inch  to 40 inch
Larger sizes are available to special order (Phone Sarah)
Brand of Aramid used (Dupont (Tm) Kevlar(R)
Approx 300 to 320 gsm
This is an underwear legging for use under garments by Men, Women and Children.
Note: For the Ladies requesting an outer legging that is used on its own, we do not sell them yet as we are still working on an abrasion resistant stretch fabric that can be used without denim on the outside that we are happy to sell.
Note: For the Men this product does not have a fly hole as we want to keep the product as structurally strong as possible.
This is not a part lined legging, the entire legging is Para-aramid.
The Knee and hip armour pockets are made from light strong synthetic Mesh material.
The pockets have a special new feature of not having any velcro !!  so making them even more comfortable to wear.
This legging has an advanced aramid fabric structure produced by one of the most advanced fabric factories and technicians in the world over several years of research and development, but still requires a good strong outer denim or equivalent for Motorcycle riding.
The beauty of this product is that it sits underneath your jeans and cargos as underwear,
so enabling people to wear what they like on the outside, as long as it is made of a strong 13 to 14oz 100% cotton denim or equivalent it works as well as our Fully lined paranoid range at the very least.
It is also ideal for those that cannot find a Motorcycle jean to fit them comfortably as these leggings are very flexible and accommodating, hence the reason why there are only 3 adult  sizes to accommodate virtually everyone.
They are also extremely comfortable.
As this product needs to be as accommodating as possible with various shapes of jeans and cargos we only supply the upgraded soft and comfortable Memory foam armour with these leggings.
A lot of people including some of our own technicians believe that there are other advantages to a legging besides its flexibility with outer garments.
One is that on any possible impact the outer jean moves separately from the legging far more than a lined jean and so reduces the chance of fabric abrasion to the skin.
Our armed forces supply factory has been making Aramid Leggings for the Special forces, police force, prison service for many years and building on the success of our Biking leggings we have spent nearly 2 years developing an advanced
version of our original full Kevlar (R) Fabric Legging.
If you are in the middle of the sizes, it is always best to go for the bigger size as fabric works better with abrasion if it is less stretched.
As we cannot govern the outer garment to be used we recommend it should only be used for casual riding and touring and not faster riding, but this is usually what people want the product for anyway.
Although we can never give any guarantees against injury this is truly an excellent product and far in advance of any legging our factory has produced for Special forces, Police force, prison service or Biking in the past.
Childrens sizes are available:
We always recommend that Kids are not taken for fast rides as their bones and neck are not formed properly yet, but many parents like to take their kids on the back for careful rides and find it hard to purchase a product that fits the kids well but also find the kids grow quickly.
So a stretch product that sits underneath is ideal.
Especially as a lot of kids these days are very conscious of how they look.
As with the adult leggings, the armour must be worn for the bones and a decent 13 to 14 oz 100% cotton denim or equivalent is required on the outside.

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Impact Armour

Basic Armour, Impact Memory Foam Armour


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