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Roadskin Summer Glove

Roadskin Summer Glove


Roadskin Summer Glove

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If it's right why change it.
This Glove designed mainly for Swat team/ Special forces/ Marksmans with a Biking twist is the glove our designer uses in the summer on his Bike and says he could not design a summer / popping about glove better so why re-invent the wheel.
"I can even get my keys out my pocket without taking them off they are that malleable"
So why not sell them to our Motorcycle customers.?
These Gloves were made mainly for Swat teams, Special forces/Military use, for anyone using firearms (hence the trigger finger knuckle being lower) with an obvious lean towards additional use on Motorcycles, hence the thick Para-aramid and synthetic padding on the palm impact area.
Apart from the one lower trigger knuckle they are perfect for people who want a highly flexible lightweight and cool in hot weather glove whilst still incorporating the hard nylon knuckles one would expect from a Motorcycle glove but also having the added feature of a special abrasion resistant para-aramid padding on the very part of the palm one would normally contact the road first with,in a spill,which is quite unique amongst bike gloves and very useful.
So it was not designed purely for Motorcycles,but is very good for that purpose, it is not designed for racing or anything like that but for casual riding in the summer these gloves are about as perfect a summer "cruise about" easy use glove as one could get.
Material ingredients:
Cow hide Leather, Synthetic materials, Nylon, Rubber and Para-aramid.

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