Roadskin - Abrasion Resistant

Memory Impact Foam Knee & Top of Thigh Armour

Memory Impact Foam Knee & Top of Thigh Armour


Memory Impact Foam Armour

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Super Soft, Super light, Super Comfy.

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Roadskin leads the way in space age fabric technology at down to earth prices and now with its new "state of the art" armour.

Advanced ”EN1621 level 2 high impact memory foam. You can hardly feel it's there.

 Light as a feather, soft as marzipan, highest impact resistance.

And not at a stupid price.!!
 "Because your bones are as important as your skin".

Level 2 armour is the level you would find used by the top racers on the track,

but these are not hard or heavy or uncomfortable.

This set comprises of 2 Knees and 2 hips (ie top of thigh)
NOTE: Top of Thigh/Hip Armour
The two pads that are normally termed as hip armour in a trouser set are actually Top of Thigh or top of side of leg, in the Memory foam armour kit, hence its difference in shape to our rubber Hip armour.
We believe the very top of the side of the leg bone is more likely to be impacted than further forward on the hip bone, this is why we are now using this pad.
We also prefer the thigh top shape as it is far less bulky and far more likely to actually be used.
It can also be used as a shin pad.
If you prefer the hip shape then you need the free rubber armour instead.

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