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h) Maximus Jean

h) Maximus Jean


Maximus Titanite® Jeans

Fully Lined with Pro Race Suit test passed material.

Normally £199

You Pay Show Price £69 - £89

The difference in price is dependent on whether you have your own armour already or upgrade to the super soft, super light, En1621-1 level 2  Impact memory foam armour.


If you ride casually/ sensibly then we recommend the Paranoid range

 If you ride casually/ sensibly in the heat we recommend Jeanius range

If you don't ride casually all the time then we recommend the Elite

If you want the highest possible abrasion resistance we recommend Beast

If you want the highest possible for cold days we recommend the Maximus.


These jeans are machine washable and have been treated to repel the rain. However, we do recommend using Fabsil spray to boost water resistance.


THE WAIT IS OVER !!  The World’s Strongest Jeans are NOW AVAILABLE on line after selling out at the TT back in June… on to see what all the fuss is about…..



The Highest Performing Jeans in the World.


Factory price: £199 inc armour


The Highest Performing Jeans in the World.

EN13595-2 Impact and Abrasion test, passed level 2, in Zones 1 and 2 @ 15.05 seconds.

and EN13595-2 Impact and Abrasion test, passed level 2, Zones 3 and 4.

That is approx. 50% higher than the second place jean on the market and approx. double that of the third and fourth place jeans on the market.

(and at £179 without armour and £199 with, the Maximus is approx 25% cheaper than its lesser rivals)

Dark Blue Denim Colour

After 3 years of research and development in our UK armed forces supply factory,utilizing some of the best technical fabric engineers and technology in the world we have managed to meet our four main goals.

  1. To make a world beating abrasion resistant fabric equal to race suit leather.(15.05 seconds is actually 3 seconds higher than the best race suit we know of)
  1.  To make the fabric  as light and thin as possible.
  1. To make the fabric as smooth to the skin on impact as possible.

     4. To make the fabric as cool feel as possible so to allow people to wear fully lined          products in warmer weather.

Titanite™ is an incredibly strong EN13595 compliant fabric, manufactured specifically for Motorcycle clothing by our own UK fabric manufacturing facility; the same facility that manufactures technical performance fabrics for Fire Brigades, Police Forces and Military organisations around the world.

Titanite™ is based on a hybrid knitted structure exclusively designed to give the fabric exceptional integral strength yet remaining flexible, breathable, comfortable and cool next to the skin.

Titanite™ comprises a specially developed blend of technical fibres, known for their inherent strength and ability to perform in very demanding applications. Titanite™ can only be found in official Roadskin™ garments

Titanite™ “running in” time.  Because of its technical construction, it may take a few wears before your new jeans lose their “stiffness”.  The jeans will soon feel as good as they look!

40″ waist now has an elasticated waistband that can fit up to a 46″ waist.

Additional Information

Jeans Size

30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40

Leg Length

Short 30″, Regular 32″, Long 34″

Impact Armour

I have armour, Thanks., Impact Memory Foam Armour


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