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Ladies Jeanius Jean

Ladies Jeanius Jean


Ladies Jeanius Jean

Lined with Pro Race Suit test passed material.

Normally £149 - £169

You pay Show Price £129 - £149

The difference in price is dependent on whether you opt for the free rubber impact armour or upgrade to the super soft impact memory foam armour.


If you ride casually/ sensibly then we recommend the Paranoid range

 If you ride casually/ sensibly in the heat we recommend Jeanius range

If you don't ride casually all the time then we recommend the Elite

If you want the highest possible abrasion resistance we recommend Beast

If you want the highest possible for cold days we recommend the Maximus.

Armour choice:

EN1621-1  Level 1 Knee, Thigh/Hip rubber armour is free, or you can upgrade to EN1621-1  Level 2 Knee, Thigh/Hip memory foam armour  for £20.

These jeans are machine washable and have been treated to repel the rain. However, we do recommend using Fabsil spray to boost water resistance.


The New “Jeanius range” by Roadskin.

With new high waist band for real female Bikers, not low cut fashion style that is no good for Biking..

For the last three years in our armed forces supply factory we have been working on a way of producing a jean  for touring across a hot country.

This Jean was also requested for hot or humid days in this country or for people who want a lightweight Jean that feels almost like a normal pair  so they can walk around town in them with no real temperature or weight difference to a normal pair of fashion Jeans.

The only way to achieve this in the past was to make a part lined jean with the abrasion resistant lining in the key areas only but as you know we are dead against this system ,not because we think those patches don`t cover the correct places as statistically they do most of the time but purely for the reason that we believe the non lined denim areas are too vulnerable to ripping on impact and then you can end up with no jeans on at all so the patches are then pointless.

So how do we make a part lined jean that has most of the characteristics of a fully lined jean when it hits the ground.

We put En13595-2 ,that`s race suit test passed material  in this case a very special high level Para aramid in all the key areas and then completely fully line the jean with a thin strong anti rip mesh.

It is not impossible to rip this mesh but it is the very strongest mesh we could find that was still thin and light enough for the job, so it certainly helps reinforce the outer garment greatly all over.

So the whole jean is still reinforced to help against impact but has race suit test pass impact and abrasion resistant material in the most likely to hit areas.

The mesh is hardly noticeable weight-wise and does help with air flow making them very cool and light to wear but a lot stronger than normal jeans.

They are of course not going to be as strong as a fully lined En13595  Titanite(R) jean or a fully lined En13595 Aramid Jean but if you are looking for a light and super cool jean for normal riding and touring then the new Jeanius is perfect.

They are so light and the mesh allows such a good air flow they really are very comfortable.

Comes with ce Hip and knee armour that fit in pockets provided.

Additional Information

Jeans Size

8, 10, 12, 14, 16

Leg Length

Short 30″, Regular 32″

Impact Armour

Basic Armour, Impact Memory Foam Armour


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