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Fabsil Gold

Fabsil Gold


Silicone spray restores water repellence to not just Roadskin Ltd products but all outdoor wear and equipment. Maintains fabric breathability. leather and textiles, so good on boots and gloves too.
​Fabsil Gold Universal is a smaller tin than the normal Fabsil ​universal but it is concentrated.


Fabsil Gold Aerosol has over twice the concentration of silicone than standard Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid - making it perfect for equipment that remains exposed to the environment for long periods of time. With more silicone packed into it, Fabsil Gold Aerosol also works great on items that see more than their fair share of wet weather or water - including boat covers and sails. The easy-to-use aerosol can is ideal for treating smaller areas. 2.5 times more concentrated than standard Fabsil Provides high levels of water-repellency, and lasts longer between applications

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